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ArtMuseum will be an online exhibition space showing contemporary fine art. The museum is under construction at the moment but when ready, artists and curators will be able to hold exhibitions there and present them as interactive tours. Artists working across a range of mediums will be able to showcase their work and to try out new ideas. For the public it will provide a comprehensive guide to the artists and ideas behind their work. 
The museum itself is a highly accurate computer model that is easily adaptable. Each artwork is reproduced and placed in the model, where they are hung and lit. Everything at the venue can be altered to suit the exhibitions needs, from the walls, floors and ceilings to the building itself.

ArtMuseum works purely in web browsers, there will be no need to download any complicated software. The  interactive tours themselves come with reading material, videos and links that enhance the visitors' experience and when possible a physical catalogue will accompany exhibitions. We have a small example of a tour in the ArtRooms section of this website.
The first museum is based in Paris and we plan to hold our opening exhibition there in 2022. ​In the meantime, we are busy developing an exhibition program and invite anyone to put forward proposals. We love seeing artists work and we are particularly interested to hear from artists working in difficult circumstances whether it is financial or political.​ We are not limited by geography and can show artists from around the world. we are open to all.  
ArtMuseum is not an alternative to experiencing art in real life but is an alternative to how art is accessed.  We hope that ArtMuseum will ​excite creative people everywhere and that it can ​contribute​ to a wider understanding of art.
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